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Artomobilia Corral Sponsor 

The Artomobilia Corral Sponsorship, includes:

  • Sponsorship Type: Non-Exclusive
  • Branding (Logo): Corral Signage, Event Website, Social Weekly Mention
  • Artomobilia Suite / Awards Celebration: 2 Guest / 2 Guest
  • Fuelicious Event: Available
  • Artomobilia Program: Artomobilia Program: 1/4 Page Ad, Editorial Listing
  • Venue Space: 2 Cars @ Corral, Locations: 10-12, 26-38
  • Award Presentation: NA

All exclusive, multi-sponsor and co-sponsor sponsorships are sold in non-competing business categories.  Non-exclusive sponsorships can be sold to competing business categories.  For more information about sponsorships for the 2015 Carmel Artomobilia, visit

The 2016 Carmel Artomobilia Program will be a special, multi-page insert included with the Indianapolis Star on the Thursday prior to the event.  2 Upgrades: Standard: ¼ Page to ½ Page: $250, ½ Page to Full Page: $500.  Premium: Add 25%