Each year, this unique event features a distinct gathering of recognized artists, collector cars, and automotive enthusiasts, showcased on the streets of the Carmel Arts & Design District.  Featuring more than 400 enthusiast and collector cars on the streets of Carmel, the Artomobilia boasts one of the most eclectic gatherings of original, period-correct cars, including Supercar, Exotic, Sports Car, Classics, Racers, Historically Preserved, Indiana Built, Sedan/Coupe, and more.


Each year the Artomobilia highlight a selection of automotive anomalies that are as interesting as they are distinct.  In past years, we've featured 50 Years of Mustang, Porsche, Series winning Race cars, and more.  On Monday, March 7th, we'll announce the featured marque, as well as a number of other exciting features. Our Featured Cars

Classes (Judged)

With twenty different judged classes, the Artomobilia delivers an eclectic mix of original and restored, period correct, automobiles that appeal to every taste.  From the iconic Deusenbergs in the Classic Car class to the most modern Ferraris in the Supercar class to the unforgettable Corvettes in the American Sports Car class to enthusiastic Jaguars and Healeys of the European Sport Car class.  And, when you're done with those... We have sixteen more classes to enjoy. Our Car Classes

Car Corrals (Exhibition) 

Enthusiast and collector cars come in all shapes and sizes, and our car corrals feature brand-specific examples across twenty five or more different corrals.  While these are not formally judged, they represent the best examples of what is going on in national and local car clubs, as well as provides a great opportunity to see, first hand, how you can participate in the car hobby. Our Car Corrals


Exotic Motorcycle Corrals 

Nothing adds to the Artomobilia like enthusiast and collector exotic motorcycles.  Whether you're into the classics, or love the state of the art performance, you'll enjoy some of the most distinct motorcycles from around the world appropriately featured throughout the Indiana Design Center.

Automotive Artisans

The Artomobilia attracts recognized automotive artists and specialty vendors from across the Midwest offering goods and services in and among the cars and classes.  Whether seeking automotive-related artwork, accessories, or services, you’ll find something that amazes.

Arts & Design District

The District provides an unmatched backdrop for the Artomobilia by featuring over 100 businesses including art galleries, antique dealers, furniture and interior design showrooms, restaurants, boutiques, creative service providers, and an eclectic variety of specialty retail stores. Arts & Design District ›


Shopping & Dinning

Unlike any other event in the Midwest, the Artomobilia features great shopping and dining opportunities among the many local business that line the streets of the Arts & Design District.  From antiques to fine art or burgers to sushi, there is something for every taste at the Artomobilia. Shopping & Dinning › 


Thousands of Guests

The Artomobilia continues to grow year-over-year, attracting between twelve and fifteen thousand automotive enthusiasts of all ages to stroll among collector cars, event sponsors and the Arts & Design District’s restaurants, boutiques and storefront retailers.