The Carmel Artomobilia is designed to celebrate automotive art and design, and there's no better way to do celebrate this than to highlight nationally recognized, as well as up-and-coming, artists and their work.  For 2014, the Artomobilia will feature a number of artists, and their art, in the months preceding the show, as well as on the day of the show.     

Tom Havlasek Art

Born in Brno, Czech Republic, Tom has been passionate about motor sports from an early age.   As a child, he grew-up near the Brno Circuit, where he and his father spent nearly every weekend together at the track enjoying the atmosphere of both the race course and the races.  Twenty-five years later, Tom still loves it.  See more of Tom's work at: www.facebook.com/tomhavlasekart

The Artomobilia commissioned Tom Havlasek to design a distinct set of paintings that highlights both the Featured Marque for 2014 and the landmark "arches" within Carmel Arts & Design District.  In his unique form, Tom perfectly captures the essence and beauty of the 1967 Ford Mustang specialty car, the Shelby GT500.  

To see more of Tom's artwork or contact him, visit Tom Havlasek Art on Facebook