What is Artomobilia Weekend?

Thanks for taking a few minutes to follow-up on my call... and to learn more about the Artomobilia Weekend for 2015.  I appreciate it. If you're not familiar with our team and the events, I'll try to fully describe each one... and how you can get involved in the next 6 minutes.

So, who called you...

My name is John Leonard (I'm the guy in the hat) and I contacted you recently by phone... Behind me is about 40% of the Carmel Artomobilia.  A group of guys and I founded it several years ago... and we continue grow and expand it each year in our spare time...

And, we have a number of ways that you might fit in...  But first, let me tell you about our events...

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getting started in 2008...

The Artomobilia was started in 2008 by a group of "car guys" that partnered with the City of Carmel to present collector cars in the unique setting of the Carmel Arts & Design District.  In our first year, we displayed about 50 cars... and saying it was "chaotic" is generous at best... but, we pulled it off.  And, we've continued to improve all our processes each year, and now regularly feature 400+ collector and enthusiasts cars on the streets of the Arts & Design District... and host 15,000 guests from the Northside of Indianapolis (Geist, Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville and the Near North side of Indianapolis).




In 2015, our team will present the seventh annual Carmel Artomobilia on Saturday, August 29th.  We originally thought the Artomobilia could be a good fundraiser, but frankly, we've discovered over the years that the size and the scale of the event doesn't allow it to raise as much money as we would like.  So... We've started a new, more focused event, Fuelicious (hosted at the Lucas Estate on Friday, August 28th) that is specifically designed to raise money for our selected charitable organization: Indiana Children's Wish Fund.  It's a great organization that does important work for Hoosier children that have been diagnosed with a terminal or life threatening disease.

So... We have two great events during the last  weekend in August: 


A Celebration of Wheels + Wishes

Friday, August 28th, 7pm to 11pm EST
Lucas Estate, Carmel


A Celebration of Automotive Art & Design

Saturday, August 29th, 12pm to 5pm EST
Carmel Arts & Design District


Who attends Fuelicious and Artomobilia...

We're blessed to have a couple of great events featuring a variety of cars in great venues... and as result... we have a great audience. And, this audience comes in a few forms... Let me try to describe them:

  • Fuelicious Guests - As you know, Fuelicious is effectively an high-end cocktail party featuring a great collection of new and vintage cars hosted at the Lucas Estate.  Tables at the event are about $2,000 each, and we anticipate 450 guests.  As you might guess, we have a very affluent audience, primarily couples, that attend this event that is interested in automotive endeavors and equally in philanthropic causes.  In fact, Fuelicious was driven by several of the significant car collectors that participate each year in the Artomobilia.  This is an enthusiastic, dynamic group that would form a meaningful customer base.
  • Artomobilia Exhibitors - Our Artomobilia Exhibitor group is a super-set of the Fuelicious guests. Individuals in this group are primarily from the Northside, but come from all corners of the greater Indianapolis area.... and a growing number of them arrive from out of state.  There are about 300-400 of them, and their spouses, that join us each year to display their enthusiast and collector cars.
  • Artomobilia Guests - This is a large group of men and their families that arrive each year to browse through hundreds of cars and enjoy all that the Carmel Arts & Design District has to offer.  We've grown this audience year-over-year to include about 15,000 guests each year that primarily live between Geist and Zionsville, and as far North as Ceciro and as far south as Greenwood.

Where do you fit in?  Great question... let me see if I can answer it.

Not surprisingly, neither Fuelicious nor Artomobilia run on air.  They both are "fueled" with dollars and in-kind contributions for our great sponsor each year.  Check-out the list from 2014.  In return, our sponsors have a great opportunity to use both events as a component of their annual marketing programs, and a method for directly reaching and engaging a highly desirable audience.

And, this is where you can fit in...  

We have a number of sponsorship opportunities for Fuelicious and Artomobilia available...  Below are a couple of presentation decks that outline the events, and sponsorship opportunities, in each event.

Some of the sponsorships are a significant investment... others are a very modest investment.  In all cases, they will include your direct involvement in the event, your brand on Fuelicious and/or Artomobilia promotional material and activities, your brand on signage at the events, your products and/or services featured at the events, and display advertising in our Artomobilia Weekend Event Program that is distributed with the Indianapolis Star that goes to 60,000 homes on the North side of Indianapolis (Geist, Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, and the near north side of Indianapolis) and 5,000 visitors during the event. In addition, we have a growing number of media partners, including Sophisticated Living and others, that provide an increasing levels of exposure as well as our digital promotional efforts on our websites as well as social sites.


If you would like to learn more about Fuelicious or the Artomobilia, please contact me at 317.313.5200 or john@carmelartomobilia.com, and i'll will be happy to discuss each event in detail, review our pre-event process, and how you can immediately get involved in one (or both) of our premier events this year.

Thanks for your interest, and even if you choose not to participate this year, please join us at the Artomobilia on Saturday, August 29th between 12pm and 5pm, and see our events first hand.


In the meantime, submit your name and e-mail address, and we'll add you to our regular e-mail newsletter so you can stay up-to-date with everything going on at Fuelicious and the Artomobilia.

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