This is a great, new event that will be sure to please car collectors and enthusiasts alike.  It's organized by long-time Artomobilia entrants, car enthusiasts, and all around great friends of the show.  The event will celebrate 100 years of Aston Martin and proceeds will go to support Art with a Heart.  Ticket availability is limited, and the event will sell out.  So, don't miss out, and get your tickets at Fuel Fed EventsT

This year’s Art of Motoring inaugural event is slated to be the McCall’s Motorworks Revival of the Midwest.  Purposefully scheduled the night before Artomobilia, a 300+ car show in the Carmel Arts & Design District, The Art of Motoring will ‘wow’ the most discerning guests both by the horsepower on display and the variety of companies who will join in the spirit of celebration by pulling out the stops.  The group of friends and enthusiasts is really what makes the night so special… the cars and airplanes are icing on the cake.  The event is a mix of captains of industry, motorsports legends, collectors, historians, and anyone else with an enthusiasm and passion for horsepower and elegance.  This is the ultimate event for those who enjoy the best in life.

While the Art of Motoring is a social event for an exclusive group of guests that pairs luxury brands with their consumers, charity really is the focus of this event.  All proceeds will benefit Art With a Heart.  This organization was born out of several women’s desire to help those less fortunate.  They serve over 1,200 youth each year through honors art classes, after school programs, and week long summer camps- all of which integrate academics within the artistic experience by teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Art With a Heart positively impacts the lives of thousands of children and thereby builds better communities through art, education and love.  Another winning combination for all involved with The Art of Motoring.