Carmel Artomobilia - A Celebration of Automotive Art & Design

Open invitation to Professional Race Teams and Private Race Car Collectors…

You are invited to bring your race car to the Sixth Annual Carmel Artomobilia. The show will build on our first five years, focusing on celebration of the art and design of the automobile. The event takes place in the Arts & Design District in Carmel, Indiana on Saturday, August 24th from noon to 5pm.

This year’s featured theme: Race Cars – The Art of Innovation.  We are seeing a select number of historically significant race cars from both professional race teams and private collectors that clearly illustrate innovation in the sport of automotive racing.   We are seeking a broad range of cars, racing between 1911 and 2013 on road or track surfaces.

To nominate your vehicle for a place in the event, please submit information about your entry, along with the $25 entry fee and three photos of your car (engine, interior and exterior) at /class-registration/.  Further, you may contact John Leonard at 317.313.5200 or or visit for more information.

Nomination forms should be received no later than Monday, July 15, 2013.  The selection committee will notify you within 30 days of receipt of your nomination form to confirm your attendance and in which class your car will be displayed.  


Name: Carmel Artomobilia - A Celebration of Automotive Art & Design

Date: Saturday, August 24, 2013, 12noon to 5pm

Location: Carmel Arts & Design District (200 South Range Line Road, Carmel, Indiana)

Established: 2008

Participants: 400+ Collector & Enthusiast Cars...

Visitors: ~15K visitors

Featured Marque: Racecars: The Art of Innovation.



Event Overview: /event/

Photo Gallery: /gallery/

Event Contact: John Leonard, Event Director, 317.313.5200,


CARMEL ARTOMOBILIA - A Celebration of Automotive Art & Design™

The Carmel Arts& Design District plays host to one of the newest and most noteworthy events in Indianapolis and surrounding areas, the Carmel Artomobilia. For 2013, Artomobilia will feature more than 400 enthusiast and collector cars across more than 26 classes, including Super Car, Exotic, Classic, Sports car, European, Domestic, Vintage and Racers, attracting nearly 15,000 visitors from Carmel and the surrounding areas.

Carmel Artomobilia focuses on display and appreciation over competition and although each of the automobiles is truly magnificent, this event is not just about cars; it's about the art and automotive enthusiasts. The event embraces the essence automotive art and design by uniquely combining the artwork of local galleries and artists, with the presentation of significant automobiles and their iconic design. To that end, select local gallery owners commission a painting each year that features one of the most noteworthy cars presented against the canvas of the District. The artwork is completed during the course of the day, and auctioned off the following evening with proceeds going to a local charity.

Considered by many to be the highlight of the year’s events, Carmel’s Arts & Design District and the Carmel Artomobilia provides an unmatched environment for reaching one of the most desirable demographics in the state. And with nearly a half-mile of automobiles, art, retails, restaurants and vendors Arch-to-Arch, the Carmel Artomobilia promises a fun, yet sophisticated, atmosphere that features all that the District has to offer.