Again this year, we are featuring two events during the fourth weekend in August 2014.  These are complimentary events that highlight some of the best examples of collector and enthusiast automobiles in and around the Midwest.  Please join us for both fun events.

Art of Motoring

Carmel Artomobilia

The Art of Motoring, Indy’s premier lifestyle event, will ‘wow’ the most discerning guests both by the horsepower on display and the variety of companies who will join in the spirit of celebration by pulling out the stops.  The group of friends and enthusiasts is really what makes the night so special… the cars and airplanes are icing on the cake.  The event is a mix of captains of industry, motorsports legends, collectors, historians, and anyone else with an enthusiasm and passion for horsepower and elegance.  This is the ultimate event for those who enjoy the best in life.

Indy Executive Airport

Indianapolis Executive Airport is one of Indiana's top 10 airports and was recently designated the 2009 Airport of the Year by the Aviation Association of Indiana. The airport reached this recognition through its outstanding safety record, its community and corporate citizenship, its impact on the local economy, and its commitment to ongoing improvement—along with providing an uncommon level of customer care.

The Carmel Artomobilia will feature nearly 400 enthusiast and collector cars across more than 26 classes, including Super Car, Exotic, Classic, Sports car, European, Domestic, Vintage and Racers, attracting nearly 10,000 visitors from Carmel and the surrounding areas.  The Artomobilia focuses on display and appreciation over competition and although each of the automobiles is truly magnificent, this event is not just about cars; it's about the art and automotive enthusiasts. The event embraces the essence automotive art and design by uniquely combining the artwork of local galleries and artists, with the presentation of significant automobiles and their iconic design. To that end, select local gallery owners commission a painting each year that features one of the most noteworthy cars presented against the canvas of the District. The artwork is completed during the course of the day, and later auctioned off with proceeds going to a local charity.

Carmel Arts & Design District

Considered by many to be the highlight of the year’s events, Carmel’s Arts & Design District and the Carmel Artomobilia provides an unmatched environment for reaching one of the most desirable demographics in the state. And with nearly a half-mile of automobiles, art, retails, restaurants and vendors Arch-to-Arch, the Carmel Artomobilia promises a fun, yet sophisticated, atmosphere that features all that the District has to offer.