Rules & Judging

Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations that we have developed and refined since the first Carmel Artomobilia in 2008 are intended first and foremost to protect all the participants and their property (in that order).  Safety is our primary concern.  Further, we seek to preserve, promote and present a fantastic, fair and fun-filled event for visitors, participants, sponsors and Arts & Design District merchants.  To that end, the following describes the rules and regulations for the upcoming Carmel Artomobilia.  As all rules, they are enforced with discretion toward our objectives, are subject to change without notice.   

We appreciate your commitment to Carmel Artomobilia, please be aware of the following show regulations: 

  • We will apply common sense in regard to concerns to the safety of participants and their property.
  • All judged cars must display the Carmel Artomobilia information placard at all times.
  • Judges will ask hoods and tops to be raised during judging.  Prior to judging, hoods should be closed and tops can be positioned according to the participants preference.
  • No "For Sale" signs are allowed to be placed on or around your entry(s).  
  • No advertising or promotion of any company, product or service is allowed near your entry(s).
  • No additional displays are allowed to accompany your vehicle.  Any signs or other vehicle information should be presented inside the vehicle.  No roping off of cars or areas is allowed.
  • All cars MUST arrive at the Marshaling Yard (Carmel Elementary parking lot) for escort to the display area in the Carmel Arts & Design District between the hours of 8:00am EST and 10:30am EST.  Any entries that are not at the Marshaling Yard at or before 10:30am will be refused, and no refunds will be provided.  The single exception to this, are entries that are participating in the Riley Kids Parade.
  • No entry may be moved once placed in their appropriate spot by the marshaling official until 5:00pm. No exception due to safety concerns.


The Carmel Artomobilia strives to provide the best Specialty Judges and best Honorary Judges available.  In addition, we seek to delivery the most transparent and judging process available.  To that end, here are the guidelines that will be used for the judging process.

  • Each judging team will contain a Specialty Judge and one or more Honorary Judges.
  • Each judging team will visit the assigned class beginning at 11:00am EST, and review the entries in that class.  They will then beginning evaluating each car.  If the owner is present, the owner will encouraged and welcome to review and identify unique elements of the entry.  Support documents, photos, etc. are allowed and encouraged.
  • Each judge will evaluate the entry based on a five (5) point scale, and deductions for each area will assigned.
    • Exterior Condition: Stock and/or Period Correct, Surface & Trim Condition, Uniform Body Gaps, Overall Condition and Exterior Paint.
    • Interior & Trunk Condition: Stock and/or Period Correct, Surface & Trim Condition, Carpets & Headliners, Trunk/Spare/Jack/Tools/etc., and Overall Cleanliness.
    • Engine Compartment Condition & Operation: Stock and/or Period Correct, No Dripping/Leaking/Dampness, No Missing Components, and Overall Condition.
    • Tires & Wheels Condition: Stock and/or Period Correct Wheels, Stock and/or Period Correct Tires, and Over All Condition.
    • Bonus Points: Rare Documents, Survivor Significance, Special OEM Performance Options, Dealer Installed Options, and Overall Quality.
  • After evaluating the entries in each class, the judging team will confer to quantitatively determine which entries they believe are in the best, most stock and/or period correct, physical condition, and from those, they will discuss to qualitatively determine which single entry is exhibits and/or incorporates the best, and most desirable, artistic and design qualities.
  • Once the judging is complete for each entry, the quantitative judging results will be sent, via email, to the address provided to the entrant as a courtesy and indication the judging for that entry is complete (but, may not be finalized).  Individual results will be the only results provided.
  • We acknowledge that both qualitative and qualitative results are ultimately subjective, and dependent on the differing opinions of the Specialty and Honorary Judges.  To that end, entries deemed to be "Artomobilia First in Class" winners, "Artomobilia Penultimate" or "Artomobilia Best in Show" candidates will be validated for continuity and consistency  by the Judging Committee Chairman and select members of the Judging Committee.  The decisions are of the Judging Teams and Judging Committee are final.