The City of Carmel has long been known as a thriving community featuring a unique and up-scale suburban lifestyle with a growing collection of recognized corporations, innovative arts and entertainment venues, contemporary shopping experiences, and distinct public facilities.

Leveraging this unique environment, the Carmel Artomobilia has emerged as a premier, Midwestern automotive event focused on enthusiasts and collectors of original and/or period-correct, specialty and motorsport-focused automobiles. Participants and guests of the Carmel Artomobilia have high expectations for the quality, scope and scale of the event, and the Artomobilia team works tirelessly throughout the year to make sure those exceptions are met, and exceeded on, and before, the day of the event.

Partner with Us

We highly value each of our sponsors as they partner with our team to reach one of the most desirable demographics in the nation.  From collectors that participate in this and other regional and national events, to the guests that travel from around the Midwest to enjoy the most eclectic, high-quality presentation of automobiles, the Carmel Artomobilia assembles one of the most unique and desirable collections of automobiles and automotive enthusiasts.  If you have this same perspective and values, we invite you to join us as a partner for the up-coming Carmel Artomobilia.

The Artomobilia enjoys a broad-array of partners that are seeking to connect with a unique and discerning audience. Some of our partners sponsor a class/corral, awards, or the stage to reach a broad audience, while others partner with our team for participant-specific events to reach a very targeted audience.  Regardless of the size or scope of your marketing needs, we can provide a sponsorship program that will connect you to the right part of our audience.

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We have a dedicated team that is ready to help you better understand our event and audience, and ready to partner with you to meet your marketing objectives with a broad array of sponsorship opportunities.  

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