The Artomobilia organizing committee chairmen and members are an all-volunteer team of car collectors and enthusiasts with varying specialty knowledge and automotive expertise that work throughout the year to assemble and present the Carmel Artomobilia each August.  If you'd like to join the team, we're interested in better understanding your expertise and where you can contribute to your efforts.  Contact us at


John Leonard, Event Director

I am responsible for the leadership of the Artomobilia, sponsorships and entrant recruiting.  I help guide the event direction, working hard to ensure our committee leaders have everything they need to be successful in their respective roles.  My role allows me to foster my passion for the car hobby by connecting 1-to-1 with our entrants and sponsors to assure an unmatched event experience.  


Joe Chiappetta, Photography Committee

I work with the Photography Committee to determine the process for photographing, processing and distributing event images to the hundreds of entrants in the Artomobilia.  My role allows me to connect my passions for photography, technology and automobiles... to deliver high-quality images that hang on walls, sit on shelves and make their way around the internet.


David Doyle, Sponsorship Committee Chairman

I lead the Sponsorship Committee and work with our event partners to help them connect with their ideal automotive audience.  My role enables me to leverage a significant business experience with my love for all things automotive... and work 1-on-1 with key sponsors to assure their marketing programs are properly aligned and integration to yield the best possible outcome.   


Michael Good, Volunteer Committee Chairman

I manage the Volunteer Committee to recruit and assemble disparate groups of individuals into a cohesive team that can receive, check-in, and park nearly 400 cars in just over two hours... and, then support more than 10,000 visitors throughout the course of the day.  My focus provides a great opportunity to leverage business connections throughout the community and my interest in cars to assume that each committee has the necessary resources for the event. More › 

Larry Haskett

Larry Haskett, Venue Logistics Committee Chairman

I manage the Venue Logistics Committee to assure a safe, efficient and effective venue "load-in" process by working with the other Committee teams and representatives of the city to plan the car positions, traffic patterns and detour paths.  My role combines some of my favorite things... cars, process engineering and working with people... to make sure the first experience each entrant has at the Artomobilia is a great one.  


Vince Mercuri, Recruitment Committee

As a member of the Recruitment Committee, I enjoy visiting regional car events, taking people, and sharing with them what we're trying to build at the Artomobilia.  My role involves coordinating with other committee members to make sure we get the "word" out about the event, and recruiting entrants for the domestic car classes, including American Car, American Sports Car, and Muscle & Pony. 


Geoff Mukhtar, Photography Committee Chairman

I manage the Photography Committee to make sure everything we do at the show get's purposefully documented, whether it's an entry in a certain class, a beauty shot of cars in the Classics class, or what's going-on at or around the main stage.  In addition, I work to refine how to process and distribute photos to entrants, sponsors and visitors.  My role embraces my auto enthusiasm as well as my background in corporate and product marketing... merging the two into how we communicate what we do on one day the other 364 days.


John Pitz, Marshaling Yard Logistics Committee Chairman

I manage the Marshaling Yard Logistics Committee and assure every entrant in the Artomobilia is greeted with a smile, a warm handshake, and clear instructions on what to do next.  As both a "people person" and an all-around "car nut", I bring these two passions together to connect the Artomobilia with meaningful corporate partnerships throughout the year... and then focus the day-of on making the first experience of the event productive, efficient and unforgettable.


David Renshaw, Recruiting Committee CHAIRMAN

I am responsible for the recruiting and review process for individual entries.  My role focuses on aligning the objectives for each class with the cars we recruit and the nominations we review.  I also contribute to the judging committee focusing on specialty judging guidelines and guardrails.  My love for both cars and engineering are combined to produce clear, concise and relevant process for reviewing and judging each year's entrants in an effort to deliver an unmatched entrant experience from end-to-end. 


Ron Riffel, Sponsorship Committee

As a member of Sponsorship Committee, I bring nearly 50 years of business and automotive experience to guide, the Artomobilia, as well as event partners in effectively reaching and capturing the attention of the most desirable Artomobilia audience.  In this role, I work 1-on-1 with local and regional partners, as well as featured speakers, to deliver an unmatched value to both the event and the partners that make the event possible.   


Kevin See, Recruiting Committee

As a member of the Recruitment Committee, I focus on attending specialty car events and identifying cars that meet the objectives of our classes and corrals.  In addition, my role supports other committees as needed to assure the Artomobilia delivers an unforgettable experience for each of the partners, entrants and visitors.